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Carlene Carter Fan Club: Music

CD Credits and Reviews

Carter Girl Music, 2006

1. The Bitter End
2. Light Of Your Love
3. Change Your Heart
4. Bring Love
5. I'm So Cool
6. Spider Lace
7. On To You
8. Judgement Day
9. Break My Little Heart
10. It Takes One To Know Me
11. Why Be Blue
12. Stronger

All songs written by Carlene Carter.
"The Bitter End" co-written by Mark W. Winchester.

Produced by John Carter Cash.

Recorded at Cash Cabin Studio, Hendersonville, TN.

Package design and photography by Alan Messer.

THE DALLAS MORNING NEWS - January 14, 2007 Miss Carlene's first CD of original material in a whopping 11 years finds her refreshed and still full of crackling fire. Her voice is a bit deeper now, richer in spots, and she's obviously done with her troubled past, which she puts to rest on the prophetic title cut. But for the edgy country-rocker you once knew, home in on "The Bitter End," "I'm So Cool" (dig that electric guitar!) and the sprightly "Break My Little Heart." The disc's available at

NO DEPRESSION - March/April, 2007 Stronger is an album made up of songs both heavy and joyous, both dark and light. Carlene thinks it's most likely her best work to date. "It's an album about love, loss, inspiration. Faith," she says. "If people really listen to it, they'll know my story."

Stronger is also a record of catharsis, one in which Carter grieves her people and her old life while also celebrating her people and her new life. It is the culmination of a sort of modern-day story of Job, written after Carlene suffered the loss of four of the most important people in her world in a matter of one year.

She poured her heartache into a comeback album, Stronger. The sassy livewire of her early years still shoots out sparks on occasion, but Stronger reveals a newly matured artist who presses on with a humbled heart. She recorded the album with her half-brother, John Carter Cash, at the family's cabin studio in Hendersonville. She's since moved to Los Angeles, but this album is pure Tennessee.